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Education & Training 

"The School of Dan"

 Best Practices Training

 An effective manager, like a good COO, possesses a  blend of experience, has been exposed to necessary  training (that works), and of course is blessed with lots of  natural born energy. Managers and supervisors do not  need to be experts in any one area; however, they must  have a fundamental understanding of how to "Pull it all Together."

 Need manager or staff training? Need training in  warehousing and process best practices? Need to  understand what technologies would payback for your  company? Would you like to increase business profit and  volumes without adding staff? 

We can help.

We'll follow our book of best practices and cover as many chapters as you would like. We'll even integrate your policies and procedures into the education process. Each segment can be taught independent of the others.

   - Time Management

   - Branch Management

   - Sales

   - Distribution Center Management

   - Warehouse Management

   - Optimizing Warehouse Space

   - Safety

   - Inventory Control

   - Inventory Management

   - Using Technology

   - Using the Software System

   - Customer Service

   - Your Human Resource

   - Operations Best Practices

One full or half day program specific focus.

 Includes  interviews to determine what company policies and  methods you would like integrated into our standard  materials.

Unlimited attendees from your company. Best Practices are the focal point. Determine what you would  like the impact, focus, and results to be.

Regional Training

​Leave with the understanding of what steps to take to gain  access to the Upper Quartile of Well run Businesses.

You determine the location and subject matter or we will  present our standard training packages. Includes Post Class Calls and Questions.


On-Site at your Business or Conference

Stimulate the Positive Thought Process. Learn and  understand what steps to take to become one of the Top  Performers in Business Operations. Understand how to  Marry People and Technology with extraordinary results.  Leave with the knowledge of why things should be done in a certain way.

Seminars, Workshops, before during and after  Association Meetings. 

Basic Training Boot Camp
We will interview and identify opportunities and then  formulate training materials and conduct Training. 

 Both Associations and Businesses make use of this  program.

Transition Management

Do you need someone to manage your Information Systems Department? Your Warehouse or Distribution Center? Your Branch? We can help ...
   - Temporary and Interim Management

   - New Manager Placement & Training

   - Current Manager Performance Improvement