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barcode Technology

Don't understand the long list of labels, scanners, printers,and  other equipment? Don't know how to setup your warehouse so  your bar-coding investment will provide a timely financial  return? Want to minimize the cost of implementation yet  maximize the results? Want to do it right the first time? 

We can  help ...

   - Facility Setup

   - Hardware and Software Setup

   - Training

   - Implementation

   - Use of QR Codes and RFID

​Hardware and Software Procurement

 We are familiar with numerous scanner, printer, labels, and  label software products. We can review what you intend to use  and comment or we can procure the most effective,  economical, and reliable products.

Considerations such as screen size, quality of display, keypad configuration, scan engine, and ergonomics are just a few of the questions you need to answer.