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Innovative Insights

Rule #1
"You don't run out of warehouse space because you've got to much inventory - you run out because you've got to much of the wrong inventory."

Rule #2

"For high volume Distribution Centers, racking should run perpendicular to the longest axis."

Rule #3

"Warehouse layouts and processes should follow the horseshoe path. The opening in the horseshoe represents the internal and external suppliers and customers." 

Rule #4
"When developing Bin Locations always start from the floor and work your way up. Shelf A will either be the floor or the bottom shelf." 

Rule #5
"If you're losing a penny a transaction - you're not going to make it up in volume."

Rule #6

"There are two primary events that take place in any business. They are Income and Expense. Everything that happens impacts both of these. Ask yourself; What will happen to Income or Expense if I do this."

Rule #7

"Focus on the Vital few rather than the Trivial many. It takes discipline and courage; however this focus will change your life for the better."

Rule #8
"The number one Detriment to Effective Productivity is...Fragmented Focus."

Rule #9
"The number one Error in Controlling Inventory is...Focusing on Dollars."

Rule #10
"Dead Inventory is the grand illusion of them all. Perhaps it has no value, but that is by choice. Inventory is never dead."

Rule #11
"Inside the four walls of a warehouse are both suppliers and customers. The material management staff are the suppliers and the order processing staff are the customers."

Rule #12
"Ask three questions of your software system...(1) Uptime; how often is the system available?, (2) Performance; how timely does the system return results?, (3) Information Integrity; how reliable are the results?"